Chicken Masala

Chicken Masala

Made with a perfect balance of a variety of spices, the Chicken Masala is set to add taste and flavors to your preparations. Perfectly blended and added in appropriate proportions, each spice is hand-picked to make this quality combination. As it has all the ingredients that are required to make authentic Chicken recipes, you can use the Chicken Masala exclusively without adding any more spices. However, if you have some unique recipes, you can always add your preferred spices. The Chicken Masala compliments all types of Indian Spices and works as a catalyst that boosts the taste of any dish.

Item Package Quantity
: 1 x NBN Chicken Masala
Ingredient Type
: Non-Veg

Ingredients :

Coriander, Cumin, Red Chilly, Clove, Garlic, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Asafetida, Turmeric, Mint, Cassia, Fennel, Black Salt, Comin Salt, Fenugreek ( All in powder form)

Available Sizes : 15gm, 50gm & 1kg


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